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Thread: Quick question: how to display a variable on the main RR screen?

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    Quick question: how to display a variable on the main RR screen?

    I have IbusRR which feeds the current temp called $COOLANTTEMP to RoadRunner. Is there a way to display this on the main screen, let's say beside the Wifi symbol? I know I have to edit the skin file but I'm not sure what exactly to add. Maybe have the font change colors depending on the current temp.
    Also, is there a way to pop a warning if the temperature exceeds a certain value?

    EDIT: Just figured out how to display it:

    L,12,197,206,19,240,240,240,14,"Arial:B","=COOLANT : $COOLANTTEMP$","LEFT"

    Now, is there a way to do an IF =...THEN... statement and pop up a message box/warning?

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    yes it is, you can use "BYVAR" with "EVAL" look in the skin commands.txt, you'll see some good examples in there...

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    For the warning look at BkueZX3's extended RRPlugin.

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    thanks guys!

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