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Thread: Macro or script for switching to external monitors

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    Macro or script for switching to external monitors

    When I come out of standby and turn the car on, about 50% of the time the display does not output to my TS monitor. I have to standby/sleep the computer several times to get it to show up. I have checked the cable connection and it's not that. The screen and TS are actually on (I can use the TS and have it respond), but there is just no display. If I reach into the back and hit the fn-f7 button to switch monitors, it pops up immediately. I have taken the original lcd off my laptop. So is there any simple script or macro I can use to automatically make it output to the external monitor on resume, or maybe even just make short exe that hits fn-f7 for me?

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    fn-f7 is a hardware key switch and unless you find something to PHYSICALLY press the buttons for you, that's not going to happen. You can probably solder some cables to the keyboard and use an make a button for you to press yourself or use an external interface board (fusion brain/phidgets) to close the contacts for you to simulate the key presses, but that's about all I can think. You should check your BIOS and see if it offers any options for that, as well as if there's any BIOS update that allows you to select the default monitor -- that would be the first choice.
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