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Thread: Sample AutoIT code RRSource11-02-07 fails with RR voicecontrol

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    Sample AutoIT code RRSource11-02-07 fails with RR voicecontrol

    I'm planning to write a Road Runner plug-in using AutoIT (latest version) and discovered a weird bug with the sample code. Inside of RR.ini if [HL]usevoicecontrol=false[/HL] AutoIT script works fine, however if you change [HL]usevoicecontrol=true[/HL] AutoIT script fails to perform action. I want to keep RR voice control, so my guess there's an error somewhere in this sample script?

    Sample send.au3 AutoIT script from RRSource 11-02-07
    ================================================== ====

    Global Const $WM_COPYDATA = 0x4A

    $My_Hwnd = GUICreate("SendData")

    $hwnd_RR = WinGetHandle("RoadRunner")

    SendCommand($My_Hwnd, $hwnd_RR, "PAUSE")

    Func SendCommand($My_Hwnd, $hwnd_Remote, $sCmd)
    Local $CmdStruct = DllStructCreate('Char[' & StringLen($sCmd) + 1 & ']')
    DllStructSetData($CmdStruct, 1, $sCmd)
    Local $COPYDATA = DllStructCreate('Ptr;DWord;Ptr')
    DllStructSetData($COPYDATA, 1, 1)
    DllStructSetData($COPYDATA, 2, StringLen($sCmd))
    DllStructSetData($COPYDATA, 3, DllStructGetPtr($CmdStruct))
    DllCall('User32.dll', 'None', 'SendMessage', 'HWnd', $hwnd_Remote, 'Int', $WM_COPYDATA, 'HWnd', $My_Hwnd, 'Ptr', DllStructGetPtr($COPYDATA))
    $COPYDATA = 0
    $CmdStruct = 0

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    Not sure what would cause that, but I can simplify your code down to 2 lines(Not including the comments). Also an example on how to get info from RR as well. It's is cleaner and faster to use RR's COM interface:

    PHP Code:
    Open COM with RR

    Send a command to RR

    Get Info from RR

    Show the info received:
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    Wow that is a lot shorter. I just tried your code with RR VoiceControl and it works!

    Thanks JohnWPB.

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