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Thread: coverjuke 1.51 embeding?

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    Quote Originally Posted by brandensin View Post
    ws6vert, it's working pretty good.. i can embed it nice and shows all the bottom navigation part as well.. Send key works too.. I only use it for next and prev album... Great job man... But some reason, ver. 1.53 crashes on my computer one a while... This isn't ur script, it my computer + ver.1.53 for some reason don't like eachother too much... If anyone happen to have ver. 1.52, would you mind posting it please? I wanna try this with 1.52 ver... Thanks again..

    I will look and see if I have 1.52 somewhere.

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    nevermind ws6vert, reinstalled direct 9, it seems to be stable now.. i think... i hope...

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    Coverjuke Embedder V1.1 Released

    "Coverjuke Embedder V1.1" has been posted in the plugins forum, please direct all related inquiries to the following thread:

    CoverFlow + RR = Coverjuke

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    Quote Originally Posted by ws6vert View Post
    I have attached a .zip of the CJSend.exe that can be used to send keys to coverjuke.
    I also updated the previous attachment with these instructions and the CJSend.exe

    Attachment 54004

    Add CJSend.exe to your coverjuke directory and make buttons on you skin with the following button codes.

    1. To send a key to coverjuke simply make a button in your skin that executes the key stroke you want to send according
    to the following list:
    Note: The following list is based on your coverjuke directory being located in C:\Program Files\Coverjuke.  If it
    in a different location you will have to update the button code with the correct directory.
    DESC.			Button Code
    Next Album		"RUN;C:\Program Files\Coverjuke\CJSend.exe|{RIGHT}"
    Prev. Album		"RUN;C:\Program Files\Coverjuke\CJSend.exe|{LEFT}"
    Select Album		"RUN;C:\Program Files\Coverjuke\CJSend.exe|{ENTER}"
    Skip to Letter		"RUN;C:\Program Files\Coverjuke\CJSend.exe|{"letter"}"  -- Insert any letter (could even be set to a variable in RR, for quick searching)
    1st Album		"RUN;C:\Program Files\Coverjuke\CJSend.exe|{HOME}"
    last Album		"RUN;C:\Program Files\Coverjuke\CJSend.exe|{END}"
    Randon Album		"RUN;C:\Program Files\Coverjuke\CJSend.exe|{SPACE}"
    Jump Right 10 albums	"RUN;C:\Program Files\Coverjuke\CJSend.exe|{PGDN}"
    Jump Left 10 albums	"RUN;C:\Program Files\Coverjuke\CJSend.exe|{PGUP}"
    Close CoverJuke                 "RUN;C:\Program Files\Coverjuke\CJSend.exe|{ESC}"  *New
    Here is a picture of a new skin I made that utilizes the new Sendkey ability.
    Attachment 54007

    Can you post your elite coverjuke skin. I am having some problems with mine and would like to see how you made a few things work.

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