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Thread: Jan 2009 *NEW RoadRunner updates* (coming soon to a pc near you)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Blue ZX3 View Post
    ...but will only continue after its done just like when first starting up.
    Hm. No matter how fast the CPU is, it takes some time to preload the screens.

    So when RoadRunner switches to the night skin you have to wait till all screens are loaded and can only then continue using it.

    Definately better than nothing. But background loading of screens before switching to night skin, so you can continue using RR without delay, would be nice. I'll just hope that this will be added in another release .

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    ahahahaa, what do u guys think this is programmed in a modern language
    unfortunitly vb6 is many many years OLD(prob 10) and does NOT support threading, so nothing can be done in the background
    (at least not an a conventional sense)

    "Did you test it in carwings??"

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    Somehing like
    -preload a skin
    -execute rr-command, update labels
    -preload next skin
    -execute rr-command, update labels
    till all skins are preloaded

    But you as programmer will tell me how messy this would make the code, won't you ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chuck View Post
    Yes I am interested in working with you on this – don’t know how I could help but I can test and make suggestions.

    I guess I started this because I just can not run all the plugins at the same time in my truck because it takes too much power. So I made a simple menu to turn them on and off as need and a way to know if the plugin was on or off when I started them.


    So if a plugin was not on -or in the Plugins.txt file- the plugin menu will pop-up to let you know.

    With the new way my $hit will not work no more unless you do not put the plugins in the "SKINPATH/Plugins/" or "Road Runner/Plugins/" witch is no big deal but if I wanted to release my new skin then everyone who uses it would have trouble.

    And I am sure other skins are in the same boat with the Plugins.txt file method so thats why I suggested AUTOLOADPLUGINS=True/False in the Skin.ini file.
    As usual, I'm a little late to the party, but I just stumbled upon a method to turn on and off the loading of global plugins. I was having the same concerns as you Chuck, so I waited till now to install RideRunner. Using the installer, all three of my favorite skins were broke. Found out TestSilabsDLL.Dll was the culprit - RR would load 13 plugins globally then stop/lockup. Took Spydermun's Silabs plugin out and then had to reload all the plugins one by one and it finally worked, but realized I don't need all the plugins all the time and didn't feel like moving stuff around. So I restored to the December 08 Road Runner and "updated" to RideRunner using the zip file for 03/09.

    And viola, no plugins get loaded as global. The ones in plugin.txt get loaded. The ones in MENU.SKIN get loaded. After a quick investigation of debug.txt, I found out why.

    When upgrading via zip file, I didn't register the TLBINF32.DLL and when RideRunner doesn't see it, it skips the global plugins. I expect that affects other things as well, but I haven't experienced any significant issues yet.
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