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Thread: Volume control of second sound card

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    Volume control of second sound card

    I have 2 sound cards set up; road runner's volume control is set to control my second card's wave volume (not windows default).

    What I would like to do have the ability to change the volume of the windows primary sound card within the skin. Is this possible?

    I've seen programs that can emulate multimedia keyboard buttons, but they are all hard coded to be used with the windows key and you can't use the rr sendkey command to send the windows key, unless I'm missing something there.

    Thanks in advance for the help.

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    RR can only control one mixer. You'd have to find another mixer application and embed it in RR to control a second card, or perhaps one that can be controlled by script/command line.. or change the soundcard in rr.ini and reload RR to switch which card to control.
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    Run Virtual audio cable as your default 'sound device', and something like AudioMulch or CONSOLE to control where the outputs go...

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    Figures as soon as I take the plunge and ask, I find what I need.
    For anyone who's interested:

    this will allow you to control volume with the cntrl + shift + up and various other combos. Thanks for the suggestions.

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