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Thread: Issues with new "RideRunner" install

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    Issues with new "RideRunner" install

    I downloaded the installer from the NISU site, intalled without a hitch, and go to configure and get this message when I select the language...

    Line -1:

    Error: Array variable has incorrect number of subscripts or subscript dimension range exceeded.

    The Skin Editor and Skin Tool work, just not Riderunner. Am I doing something wrong? Is it a hardware issue?

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    When list problems with software it is always helpful to list the OS version you are using.

    Also do a search for the error as well, it has already probably been answered.

    ps my guess is you are running Vista.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Enforcer View Post
    ps my guess is you are running Vista.
    I've seen this error on my nLited xp carPC installation, as well.

    RR Config won't run on my carPC. Must have removed some component needed for it to run...
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    thats an autoit error. What skin are you using? Some support script is failing thats all. Senior Tech Blogger (Want a product reviewed? Contact me.)
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    Thanks for the replies, guys. You people on this site have really made this whole thing a walk in the park for me...not to mention I have a B.S. in computer networking. Yes...I was running Vista, but I figured out the problem. I had to run RR as an admin. You know how stupid that so called Vista "security" is. Since then, I have switched to XP SP3 and CF. I haven't installed the PC in my Civic yet. I'm trying to make sure everything is fully operational before I proceed. It's gonna be bad a**. Cant wait to start my work log on here.

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