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Thread: Buttons doesn't work Need some help

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    Buttons doesn't work Need some help

    Hi all
    I'm a Newb and want to enjoy carputer with homebrew gear
    Jetway NC81-LF,Athlon 5050e,4GB Ram,Xp Pro Sp3
    I installed RideRunner(03/01/09)+DigitalFX4.0
    cf.RR installation instructions for Newbies

    1.Run RRconfig.exe
    Set Player's Path C:\Program Files\Winamp\
    Set Launch Path C:\Program Files\RideRunner\launch\
    Set Locale Japanese
    Set Picture Path C:\Program Files\RideRunner\ImageViewer\
    Set Skin Path C:\Program Files\RideRunner\Skins\DigitalFX 4.0\
    Set BackgroundpicturePath C:\ProgramFiles\RideRunner\Backgrounds\

    2.Save and Exit RRconfig.exe
    3.Run RideRunner.exe

    I want to change background color so pushed Setting button
    Nothing happen...
    Is there anything shoud I do?
    Need your help thanks

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    I solved this problem by myself.
    DigitalFX 2.5 works well but 3.0 or later doesn't
    I don't know the reason why?
    But maybe depend on my languege(Japanese)

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