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Thread: Suggestion: Improve the embedded program control

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    Suggestion: Improve the embedded program control

    RR use window title or class name to select the window to embed it. This happen at each window refresh. My suggestion is that RR should use the window handle once get the handle via window title or classname at first time.

    This solution will solve such problem: The window title and class name is changing. For example, I usually use "storm" as my video player, but the classname of it is changed on every startup and the title is set the video file name. RR can control it via title at first starup but lost control when playing. If RR get the handle when start the program (via title) and use the handle henceforth, it will be pefect.

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    While this would work on your case it would cause problems in other cases where the user closes/re-opens the application and it causes issues. The best solution for your problem would be to make an extension plugin to control the embedding of a specific window in the screen. This is exactly what was done with google earth -- and the sources for that plugin are available.

    This is in fact a good idea for a plugin.
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