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Thread: silabs not working

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    Quote Originally Posted by millsy View Post
    Still having a problem with silabs, works great as far as reception etc.goes just having the problem with getting silabs to start when going from mp3 then switching to radio, nothing,have to exit rr and then restart and then silabs is ok,is there a way to reset it whenever it starts up,maybe a command to put in the exec.tbl.
    Am Sorry but can some 1 help me with this as well.. Am having the same prob as described by Millsy...

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    I was experiencing the same issue. I replaced the usbradio.dll in the riderunner root folder with USBRadio Experimental DualTunerDS Also installed ffdshow and copied the ffdshow graph filter to the same location after renaming it as per above instructions. All seems to be fixed for now.

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