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Thread: having trouble getting sound to work with Silabs radio on Vista x64

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    having trouble getting sound to work with Silabs radio on Vista x64

    So I just updated my carputer to Vista x64 and am having trouble getting my Silabs usb radio to work. I know it able to pick up stations but I am not getting any sound. Using the default exe that I download from silabs I am able to hear sound but going through RideRunner it not working.

    Anyone experience this problem or have a solution? I tried many usbradio.dll and all function the same I can pick the station but do not get audio.

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    This may be something related to the Vista mixer -- I would suggest you run RR, start the radio then look in the windows mixer to see if there's any volume control you can increase/unmute to get the audio to work.
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    Thanks for the response I since went to HD Radio and loving it. Thanks for the help but not using Silabs anymore.

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