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Thread: Grab and drag scrolling (carwings:iList?)

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    Grab and drag scrolling (carwings:iList?)

    I had a 32 meg nvidia graphics card in my pc, and I could grab the playlist and drag it up and down. Now that I'm using the onboard video, I do not have that functionality. After looking through the config, I concluded that this function is the iList, which requires directx 7+. I have installed directx 9, but I still do not have the grab and drag scrolling. What am I missing here?

    I am using the carwings skin.

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    -Verify that GDIPlusWrapper.dll is available and registered in RR's folder.
    -Verify that usedx=true in RR.INI
    -If the above checks out, add debugmode=true to RR.INI, run RR, open the music and browser screens (to view the playlist and files on the music folder), zip and post the debug file here -- it should show the cause of the problem in the debug log.
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    look at the usedx like guino says... but, since it used to work...
    the on board video drivers is my 1st guess
    make sure u have them installed, and not using say Microsoft's supplied drivers

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    You are absolutely right, mitchs. Since I was using a separate video card, I never bothered installing the actual drivers for the onboard video. That solved the problem. Thanks.


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