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Thread: An Idea, but im not sure it'll work

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    An Idea, but im not sure it'll work

    please excuse me if this doesnt make much sense, im on abit of medication at the moment

    basically i came across this bluetooth in car kit

    heres a video of the one im talking about on the top left

    [media][/media] (nt sure if i can embed on here)

    basically what i was thinking, is there a way yo just get rid of the screen, leave the mics and steering wheel controller then connect it to the computer system so u use ur own screen to see who's dialing, dial through the screen and connect my phone direct to the computer via bluetooth and the handsfree stuff to the computer

    but is there a method i need to do to make them all work in unison, that thing can also connect by bluetooth to phones with AD2p or whatever its called

    so what im thinking is...connect the phone to the computer using the usb cablethen connect the parrot to the computer using bluetooth?

    that doesnt really sound right, does anyone have any solution?

    i have a HTC Touch HD running windows 6.5 i havent built my carputer yet bt it will be windows xp

    can anyone please jus push me in the right direction on how i can intergrate my phone, the handsfree and the computer


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    I had a hard time trying to decipher what you're talking about, medication is no excuse for typing at a 6th grade level. But there are multiple bluetooth hands free phone integration plugins for Road Runner right now, you could just use one of those.
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    i have to admit that was pretty hard to decypher

    what i'm trying to see say is, with that product i posted up on the youtube video is it possible to connect that to the computer and use your screen in favour of the screen it comes with?

    and use that streering wheel control for calls and maybe even changing tracks on the PC

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