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Thread: Need help with commands

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    Need help with commands

    Hey guys! whats up?
    i've benn working on RR and i wanted to start the software on the radio skin and start the radio instanly. all i wanted to know is how can i open the radio software without pressing any button? is there any command to do it? i heard something about "ONSKINSTART","" is this it?
    please help me.

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    open RRConfig... where it says "Start command" put in: RADIO

    ....beaten by 4 minutes (will teach me to not leave a bunch of open pages for answering at the same time)
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    Quote Originally Posted by guino View Post
    ....beaten by 4 minutes (will teach me to not leave a bunch of open pages for answering at the same time)

    Don't worry happened to me, but I was doing a One touch clean & ban and sonic beat me to it.

    Got the next one though

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    will try ty!

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