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Thread: Ilist pre-scrolling

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    It defines how much you have to drag the list before it will "free scroll"
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    I knew I had brought up this subject before with G, but I thought we had got an answer or some code had been added, guess not

    Quote Originally Posted by Enforcer View Post

    Had a quick play, if you have random play mode on it takes about half the time the song is playing to scroll and find that song if you have a reasonable number of songs playing and the songs are a reasonable distance apart. It can be annoying just seeing the list continually scrolling.
    Quote Originally Posted by MGD View Post
    Yea, I hear you. I have the same thing. All my different playlists have about 3 to 4 thousand songs in them, if you select random and keep playing it takes way to long untill the list stops scrolling. A nice feature but I turned it off in the playlist. I only use it in the directory list when browsing. It would be nice if the playlist could be sped up to go instantly to the next song but keeping the iList function.
    Quote Originally Posted by hari-bhari View Post
    guino stated in an above post that with long scrolls its supposed to jump within 50 of the file and then scroll to it without taking forever. sometimes for me it jumps like its supposed to and other times it scrolls forever like you guys said. i beleive guino is aware of this issue and maybe he'll look into the code. in the meantime, you can stop the scrolling by just tapping on the list. if you're in random mode, i guess theres no need to see whats technically next or previous around what you're playing.
    Quote Originally Posted by guino View Post
    Maybe there's a threshold value "breaking" the logic for scrolling to the new selected item, but it should never scroll past 50 items to the item selected.. if someone can try increasing the number of items in the list to see which values break it, I'd appreciate the help, as I don't have even 200 songs here.

    Not exactly the same but along the same lines.

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    It would be possible to make the software build the list directly to the position of the item, however, it would still scroll a little bit to center the current song, so basically you'd exchange a quick scroll for a quicker scroll, but that doesn't really take care of the issue (which really is a matter of taste).
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