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Thread: HD Radio not detected anymore

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    HD Radio not detected anymore

    I got a new directed dmhd-1000 unit about a month ago because my previous one stopped working.

    I have been using it for about a month without any problems. I am running RideRunner version 5/1/2009.

    Today when i loaded rr it said the hd radio couldn't be found, so i tried mitches application and it couldn't find it, i can hear the hd radio click, but then clicks again immediately as if its turning right off. THis was the same side effects from the previous one.

    I have attached a copy of my debug.txt file and hopefully someone can tell me something from looking at the file. Looks like its connecting, but doesn't say much in the file. I just figured it was something stealing my comport, but have tried changing it a few times with no success.

    Thanks for the help..
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    Did you try using the screen that the radio originally came with? That's my first test when it's messing up... make sure the radio can actually communicate and nothing's blown.

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    HD---> oHD_HDRadioEventSysErrorRadioNotFound

    port set right in RR.ini?? hdradioport=

    do exactly what colin said, use my HD Radio PCR program
    make sure hardware is OK

    try on another computer

    try it with the supplied LCD display (if u didnt throw it away )

    "Did you test it in carwings??"

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    It seems for what ever reason these units do not last very long. I went through 3 of them in one year and just gave up on the whole idea.
    They would work for a few months then one day just die.
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    Mine works still fine. Have it over a year now and not one problem.

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    Mines still works but has speaker feed back coming from the HD radio. My wiring hasn't change but is getting worse by the day.

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    Thanks for the reply guys.

    This is my second tuner in a year.

    I do have the right comport set in rr.ini. I even posted my rr.ini just in case i missed something, windows has set that comport=3 for my tuner, so in rr.ini hdradioport=3 from what i remember.

    I tried mitch's pcr program, but again it didn't find the radio tuner.

    My next step is to try it on a different computer and try it with the supplied lcd display, but in my guess i think its the tuner and it was working fine for about a month with no problems or changes, so in my guess i would say the radio tuner is toast.

    I just wish there was another solution for am/fm radio like this, this method works great, but seems like the radios don't last long. too bad..

    Also, if your going to look at my rr.ini file please just remove the .zip from the file extension in order to view it as rr.ini, instead of

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    I don't think i'm going to buy another hd tuner, as they are hard to find and don't last very long in my experience.

    Is there any other maybe usb radio out there that may be passable to listen to?

    I only need it for fm/am as i only used the hd radio for this as there are no hd stations where i live.

    Would it be worth wild to try something like the radioshark? i hear the reception is alright, but i will only be listening to analog fm/am stations anyways? Can the radioshark be embedded into riderunner?

    Also, never used the radioshark, but does it use the stock antenna?

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    I have the Visteon HDZ300 and it works great but I see now that the prices have gone way up.

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    This isn't good to hear...I've had my directed unit for about a month now. Hopefully it lasts a while. The soldering of the power cables inside that fuse box were not done very well and the wires broke off while I was installing it. I had to resolder it. I guess it's a good thing I still have my HQCT as backup.

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