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Thread: Problem about skin "IDLE" event

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    Problem about skin "IDLE" event

    I make a skin called "" which was displayed when the car climiate control was touched. The skin will exit if no touch in 3 seconds. So I use the skin IDLE event

    -- ExecTBL.ini


    -- PLUGIN
    If LCase(SDK.GetInfo("RRSCREEN")) = "" Then
    ProcessCommand = 2
    CMD = "LOAD;"
    ProcessCommand = 3
    End If

    This works but not perfect since the skin was closed and re-open during continous climate operation. So I changed the code:

    -- ExecTBL.ini

    -- PLUGIN
    Dim curTime As Date = Date.Now()
    Dim diff As Long = DateDiff(DateInterval.Second, StatusHolder.climateBean.lastChangedTime, curTime)
    If diff >= 3 And LCase(SDK.GetInfo("RRSCREEN")) = "" Then
    CMD = "EXIT"
    ProcessCommand = 3
    ProcessCommand = 2
    End If

    After code change, it was a much longer time than 3 seconds that the skin was close when no climate operation . I trace the debug.txt, the IDLE event was fired after 30s.

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    Assuming that this is from the ProcessCommand function....

    -- PLUGIN
    If LCase(SDK.GetInfo("RRSCREEN")) = "" Then

    Should be:

    -- PLUGIN
    If frm.Tag = "" Then

    No need to ask for the current screen when its given to you. The frm.Tag is the current screen's skin file name in lower case.

    Hard to tell by the details that you have given us, but there as to be something that your doing either in your plugin or some RRCode that is causing this "IDLE" to not work correct for you.

    Another small note, If the screen is infact a smaller "Popup" then you should change your method of how its being loaded from "LOAD;" to "MENU;"
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    You should look at the debug log and see what commands/events could possibly be resetting the idle timer, and perhaps replace it with a standard timer..
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