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Thread: progressbar or loading image?

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    progressbar or loading image?

    How I can obtain a progressbar or a loading gif image?

    I've made a plugin with a slider code.

    Then I've tried to change the slider value every 'x' seconds

    ....the slider simply is not working, it is not displayed...


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    If you go down to the woods today, You're sure of
    post up the slider code you have used in the skin.

    plus the slider code you have used in the extension.cls slider

    One thing to note, make sure you return an integer between 0 - 65536 otherwise it won't work.

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    This is my C#code:
    private int count = 0;
    public long ReturnSlider(string SLD)
          long ret = -1;
          switch (SLD.ToLower())
                case "cpc_loading":
                     ret = 4096 * count;
                     count = count % 17;                
          return ret;
    This is my skin code, I'm using slider battery image to test:


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    1-Verify that the skin portion is working as desired:
    -change the slider code to something like "MASTER"
    -add a pointer to the slider (so you don't depend on the backimages to view its position)

    Once you have verified the skin portion works by itself, then you can check the plugin portion:

    2-Check the debug log to see if the plugin is loaded correctly, verify it is enabled, and that it didn't crash when loading or something like that -- anything that causes the plugin to not load or to crash will prevent your code from taking action.

    3-Code wise, I don't know how forgiving C# is with type conversions and such, but you may want to make "count" into a long to avoid a problem when calculating the "ret" value -- if possible, even typecast 4096 as a long value to avoid any issues. Other than that, your code should work.

    Alternatively you can use a slider from a skin that you know works and change just the slider code to "cdc_loading" code. Just be sure that RR isn't "waiting" for anything else in your application to load/process or it will not have time to update the slider on screen while you're loading/processing other things.
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