View Poll Results: What Radio do you use with RideRunner?

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  • Directed / Visteon HD Radio

    107 40.38%
  • SiLabs/ADS

    65 24.53%
  • HQCT

    17 6.42%
  • WinTV (Added 10-25-09)

    2 0.75%
  • Cingery

    7 2.64%
  • RadioShark

    9 3.40%
  • Blaupunkt

    2 0.75%
  • D-Link USB

    8 3.02%
  • DAB using the Venice5 Chip

    8 3.02%
  • None

    40 15.09%
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Thread: What Radio do you use with RideRunner?

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    Quote Originally Posted by thinkfta View Post
    You might want to check both fuses.

    One is inline with the 'accessory on' Wire (RED)

    There is also one in the little black box with the 12V and ground (Yellow and Black); you can snap it open and check the fuse- also 2A.

    I bought the Directed and it had both of them blown - thought i threw my $$ away until i checked.

    Good Luck
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    Thanks, but both these fuses are exterior from the unit, no? I tried with the home PSU and it didn't work either

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    Time to buy another radio ?

    I don't know of any internal fuses - i have not opened the case yet.

    You can try (there some other suggestions here)

    I was able to get one on ebay for about $50 US, including shipping.

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    Ford F-250 SD: VIA 1.5GHz, 1G, 32G Patriot SSD, XPSP3, RR(04-2010), DX4, iGuidance 2009,
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    Maybe now we should add "DAB/DAB+ with Venice 7 chip" as a polling option
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