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Thread: Help for newbies - have someone documented, working installation with phone controll?

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    Help for newbies - have someone documented, working installation with phone controll?

    Extremely much informations on this board, but very small and incompletely infos about working finalized installations! So, if any of us had working installation of RR with phone and navi (i have it does with Navigator 8 European) - pls give it here for us. Best so:

    bla, bla, bla

    http://other part of
    bla, bla, bla
    next part of the soft and how i installed them...

    The best is, if you do not want from users to search thru 150 artickles before have eventual success, but give all needed to one article with all needed links and help text. So you can spend for many of us many time! And ... if you write links in that article, pls. check the healt of used links - many of them are dead before you go on "Submit new thread" !

    I have tested the RR software many days - but my phone wont work (Samsung B5702, like D880 with 2 active SIM cards). On actual Centrafuse is it working (but dialing only, no internal call list are available, last called number from phone do not working, ...). It will be a great feature, if you give help, how to install a working RR in one thread from installing the actual version, till the last plugin or driver. If something is neede, the pls. give a detailed help how to do it, or how to find it. As last was, that the plugin was working with one other skin, than the original from nissuautomotive! But how to get the whole software to work - it was unable for me to do it. Althrough i have spend about one week - i am always on reading the postings, but the RR is still not working with phone. If you have working it, please give it here completely here.

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    RR DOES NOT come with built-in phone control support. There are different plugins and applications for this, however a lot of the times the PHONE ITSELF does not provide good enough connectivity to support all the features such as call lists, phonebooks etc. I don't even know if you can still buy Zorro's phonecontrol application, but that was (in my opinion) the application that supported the most amount of phones, still not all.
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    Phone controll

    PhoneControl.NET is not longer available. I've dropped the product for a
    couple of reasons.

    The only CarPC frontend that I know, which supports Bluetooth phones is
    So, that's all to Zorros plugin.


    But - i have tested Centrafuse too ... to get maps for testing it is problematical. Trial is comming only with little piece of Germany ... but in this way i cannot see, if (if i have full maps installed) i can navigate on whole Europe in one, or if i can navigate in one particular map inside only !?!?!?
    Thats no easy thing! My Nokia N800 maemo has installed Map from Nokia/Wayfinder - this offers only navigation in the particular map inside only!!! So, if i have loaded maps from Germany-Alps and Central-Eastern-Germany, then i cannot navigate from Budapest to Vienna, because this cities are on different maps inside !!! What of fck - the cities are 150 km distance. Or from my birthcity Bratislava to Vienna - 70 km on the road !!! - and i am not able to see the whole route and cannot navigate! Even - i must payed for each map separately, but the navi cannot do this.
    Other way - have tested Navigator 8 - that had whole european countries and i cann see all, what i want.

    Because each navi had different features, i am not ready to pay for navi, that i cannot see, how it works. Centrafuse may be good or not - i cannot know it, until i see all the maps loaded into it. (Is there a download and way, how to bring those maps into Centrafuse?) I say, that if i eventually buy Centrafuse, i will again test the RR, because it is not so clased, like CF and and like to made my own changes in the future (if i can.)

    I have Nissan Primera 2002 with built in Navi, that does steering of aircondition, fuel mess, error info and so far. I wish to made self interface for my car PC, that can made steering this original functions of those built in all-in-one original solution from Nissan, because the original is NOT CHANGEABLE AND NOT UPDATEABLE IN ANY WAY !!! No mp3, no video, no better radio, no video, NO NEW MAPS (LATEST MAP IS FROM 2006 AND NO UPDATE WILL BE DONE IN THE FUTURE _ NEWR SAY NISSAN !!! )

    I am able to made self interface (with buil in little CPU and can bus interface too, serial RS232, with memory with battery backup on board and so far, programmed in C), but i am not good in programming directly on PC and i need a little bit help to made a visual interface on CarPC.

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