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Thread: RR 09-22-2009 Release

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    Arrow RR 09-22-2009 Release

    We have reviewed the release and fixed a few issues reported. Available now for all.

    Another month, and another RideRunner...
    Continous Improvement!

    *** Available now from here ****

    Updates soon:

    ** 9/23/2009 - Albumart art bug is fixed... (sorry) **
    ** 9/24/2009 - Silabs internal audio (USBRadio.dll) is fixed... (double sorry) file is attached to post **
    ** 9/24/2009 - Standard list, black bar on 1st item in DL, when DL has music files is fixed... **
    ** 9/28/2009 - fixed issue with caching of tags **
    ** 9/29/2009 - fixed Playlist issues on older winamp (non unicode) versions **

    WARNING: If you use the LOADLIST command for VIDEO playlists AND you use filenames with complex characters (i.e. Chinese, Japanese, Hebrew, Russian, etc), then you may have to re-do your saved playlists OR wait for the next release.

    Some highlights:
    we got blink rates for indicators now
    Improved unicode support!!!
    Improved performance of some features.

    A lot of work went into this months release:
    Thanks to Spidermunz for all his help in helping me understand some of the advanced features of RDS
    of which arnt used in USA so its was/is very hard for me to test them, yet alone
    understand them. He has shared with me his EON code for the SiLabs Driver (usbradio.dll) I have added in
    some of the featues into the silabs radio module and made some other changes to it...
    this is for sure a work in progress...
    currently Spidermunz and I continue (even as i write this) to work on it

    thanks Guino for his CONTINUED improvement of RideRunner
    thanks to Bluezx3, for his commitment to this, and for RRConfig
    edit: thanks to Mitch for his great contributions (software+hardware) to the community

    silabs radio, audio disables itself (audio), when you use "uselineinplugin=true"
    this allows the winamp lineinplugin to work nicely,
    audio is able to be processed by winamp (dsp,eq....)


    - = Removed
    + = Added
    * = Changed
    ! = Major code change
    # = bug fix
    ^ = Note
    # Fixed CLICKIND for indicators inside buttons
    # Fixed Issue with ONSONGSTART (executing for every screen)
    # Fixed Issue with Daylight Savings on Gamma/Skin GPS based changes
    + Added "Daylight Savings" awareness to the gps gamma feature
    + added additional field for label definitions
    	/,  x   y   w   h   r   g   b   pt font             Code tooltip format
    	/,  --- --- --- --- --- --- --- -- ----             ---- ------- ---	
    	LXX,XXX,XXX,XXX,XXX,XXX,XXX,XXX,XX,"Arial Narrow:B",CODE,"Time","fmt"
    		L,474,75,250,27,212,208,200,16,"Arial:B","FREEMEM||=kb","LEFT","kb"                              (shows mem in kb, with static text of kb)
    		L,474,75,250,27,212,208,200,16,"Arial:B","FREEMEM||=kb   ||MBM1","LEFT","kb||||cf2"        			 (shows mem in kb, and temp in f, "f" is automaticly appended)
    		L,474,75,250,27,212,208,200,16,"Arial:B","FREEMEM||=kb   ||ALLMEM||=kb","LEFT","kb"              (shows both in kb)
    		L,474,75,250,27,212,208,200,16,"Arial:B","FREEMEM||=   ||ALLMEM","LEFT",""                       (shows both in mb with spaces a static text)
    # fixed resumemusic=1, now resumes to radios since the wording "music" is a loose term (also activesource is correct when resumemusic > 0)
    # fixed issues with custom labels
    - Removed Disable Internationalization Setting (obsoleted)
    + Improved OSKTOCMD and NUMOSKTOCMD to accept ++ in place of ||
    + Custom indicator blink rates
    * More skin cleaning/organizing done
    - "LOCALE" - rr.ini setting obsoleted
    * MPC Video Player Updated to work with unicode filenames (All other players are already unicode compliant)
    + "RDSEON" - Indicator the RDS EON is present (SiLabs)
    + "RDSAFLIST" - Label RDS AF List (pipe seperated "|") (SiLabs)
    + "RDSEONCOUNT" - Label RDS EON Map Size (SiLabs) (ment for use in plugins)
    + "RDSEON1" - Label RDS EON Map x - (Pipe seperated "|") (SiLabs) ("PI|PS|PTY|TA|AF1|AF2...AFn")  (ment for use in plugins)
    + "RDSEON2" - (see RDSEON1)
    + "RDSEON3" - (see RDSEON1)
    + "RDSEON4" - (see RDSEON1)
    + "RDSEON5" - (see RDSEON1)
    + "uselineinplugin=true/false" RR.ini setting automaticly disables internal audio when TRUE (SiLabs)
    + "RDS_TA" / "TA" - Skincommand to enable disable traffic alert events "ONRDSTASTART" & "ONRDSTAEND" (SiLabs)
    + "RDS_TA" / "TA" - Indicator, shows state of traffic alert events (SiLabs)
    + Improved Tag Reading to work better with Unicode File Names
    + Improved Labels to work better with Unicode Text
    + Improved Standard Lists performance
    + Improved Album Art Browse performance
    + Improved iLists and Standard Lists to work with PNG, JPG and other GDI+ file types
    + Improved Audio Players to work with Unicode
    # Fixed LazyTag option bug on Folder Lists 
    # Fixed issue Closing MPC on some machines
    # label click "exec;xxxx" fixed ending " is now allowed
    + Custom Blinking rate to indicators
    Attached Files Attached Files

    "Did you test it in carwings??"

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    Thanks for your great job.
    We're waiting the release.

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    Bordeaux, France


    Again sure a good new release

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    Cool Do you sleep?

    You guys are amazing. I just finally got 08-01-09 in and now I'll be even further behind. Thanks for all the hard work ALL of you guys put in. RIDE RUNNER is the main reason I put a computer in my truck and ALL of you continue to prove to me I made a SMART decision. I hope all involved will continue to have the time and patience to update and improve RR.
    For those who fought FREEDOM has a flavor the PROTECTED will never know. Support our troops.

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    RideRunner...The #1 FE, PERIOD.

    Current Project: DFXVoice [v1.0 Released]
    Next in line: RRMedia v2.0

    DFX 5.1.1 Skin
    Appstore Link

    My RideRunner Plugins

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    a toast to you guys
    Riderunner / Genesis
    Plugin Breaker in test BassRR Plugin Player, Wifiman_NET
    New Home for Genesis & BassRR :adding to site ,, Hellfyre night
    Bassrr Beta Release :Version 1.3.7
    Movie_info Release :Version 3.1.0
    Wifiman_NET:Version 1.0.0

    Every Future, Needs A Beginning

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    this is nice..
    thanks guys, downloading the new version.

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    So, what I need to do now to get audio from radio (Silabs). It was working fine until now! I also try enable line in plugin but that not work either.
    I get quiet hissing when I go radio and it stops when I go music.

    Should I change text in line in plugin box or should default "line://title=Radio,srate=44100,bps=16,nch=2" work? I'm using Winamp 5.552


    I get it to work after few reboots, but there still something wrong:
    If I listen music and restart RR both radio and music start to play at the same time???
    If I listen radio and restart RR then it start to play radio like it should.
    If I listen radio and go to video, radio stays playing behind video???

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    I'm using silabs radio and something wrong with my system also;
    Radio start to play everytime RR starts?
    Also something wrong with winamp playlist, if I switch to TV (winamp plugin) and back, getting empty playlist named "rrpl"?
    Thanks for the release..

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