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Thread: How Do I Use my iPod in road runner

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    How Do I Use my iPod in road runner

    Hi Everyone

    I am a noob and this is my first CarPC project.I have decided to do away with the hdd on my car pc and instead buy a mb with a cf card slot.This will greatly reduce my cost and i will be installing only the os(XP) and the necessary software(RR,gps etc) on the pc.For music and video I want to use my 5g ipod.

    I saw that the wimamp ipod plugin can be used to play songs from ipod.But I am not able to get the songs and playlists inside ridedrunner.I mean when i run winamp in windows i can browse my ipod in it and play songs but this does not come in riderunner.

    I am using winamp2.95 with ml_ipod plugin and the september release of ride runner with SIMPLISTIQUE_v0.3 skin.

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    Well i have just tryed my ipod Classic (not touch should be the same), i use Winamp 5.13, no extra plugins, just opened RRconfig/General/Page 2 , far right ipod Drives, select the drive letter your ipod is then save and exit , start rr up in Audio_browser you should see the sub sections of your ipod at the top of the the list.

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