View Poll Results: Do you have Internet in your vehicle for your CarPC?

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  • Yes, I have Internet in the car (Dedicated, Tethered phone ect.)

    52 55.32%
  • I use my Home Wi-Fi and other Wi-Fi Hot spots for updates

    26 27.66%
  • No, I do not have Internet in the car

    16 17.02%
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Thread: Do you have Internet in the car? (Please take a moment to vote)

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    Exclamation Do you have Internet in the car? (Please take a moment to vote)

    [EDIT: Come on people ! ! ! ! 20 views and only 4 votes??? Please just click an option above this post, it takes less time then hitting the browser back button Thank you]

    [Edit 2] Added Tethered into the first poll option.

    Take just a moment to vote on the poll. I, as well as many other developers are curious to know how to better plan plugins and projects based on the poll results.

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    None of the above. I occasionally tether the car PC to my cellphone via Bluetooth. If I can ever find a way to have this happen automatically when I turn tethering on my phone on, instead of having to jump through hoops to enable the PAN connection, I would use it more often.

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    None of the above also. Tether off my BJ II when needed, through USB cable and dialup connection.

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    none of the above, tether
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    same here
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    final got a usb dongle , yet to try it , ( in re-build) but to answer yes i will have internet in the car
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    Tether my phone so I picked the first one since I always have my phone when I'm in my car.

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    tether with my blackberry

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