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Thread: RideRunner for Android?

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    RideRunner for Android?

    How difficult is it to have a RideRunner app for the Google Android OS.

    I switched from a Windows based custom built Car PC to the new Archos 5 Android and like it very much because it has all the hardware (500 GIGABYTE storage, gps, wifi, bluetooth, fm receiver and transmitter, hd playback, etc.) on a small 5 inch and 300 gramm device which you can also use outside the car.

    But I am kind of missing Road Runner. Is it Visual Basic and Android Java? Then its bad... Any other good Java Frontend which has potential to be released on Android?

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    Sorry, but there is just no way to get RR to run on anything other than windows. It is written in VB6, and heavily depends on the windows OS to function.
    The only, and slim possibility, is to find a windows emulator that will run on the OS of your device. I have seen quite a few Mac Mini's for instance running Boot Camp, and RR on top of it.
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