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Thread: Playlist shows only Title, not Artist

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    Playlist shows only Title, not Artist

    So yea, after adding songs into my playlist, it only shows the Title of the song, not the artist. How do I get it to show both? I tried changing the "Other Formatting" section in RR Config under Music (Page 2) to "%artist%, %title%" but it doesn't make a difference....

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    Nevermind, I figured it out....On page 2 under Music, you have to enable ID3 tags (which i didn't do since mine aren't all accurate), once enabled, the options underneath in the Other Formatting section come into play...

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    Its seem support mp3tag id3 v2.3

    I refig mp3songs with mp3tagid it OK

    inthe next updat Guino said to fix it

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    yes, ID3v2.4 will be supported on the Nov. Release
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