View Poll Results: Which Windows version are you using with RR ?

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  • Windows 98SE/Windows ME

    0 0%
  • Windows NT

    0 0%
  • Windows 2000

    2 0.61%
  • Windows XP (Including nLite/TinyXP/XP Embedded)

    225 68.39%
  • Windows Vista

    21 6.38%
  • Windows 7

    102 31.00%
Multiple Choice Poll.
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Thread: What Windows Version do you use with RR ?

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    Bs As, Argentina
    XPlite + Sp3, Ive only 256 ram

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    Mar 2009
    XP pro with SP3

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    Feb 2007
    Buffalo, NY
    Still running WinXP
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    How are the totals above adding up to 108%?????
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    Quote Originally Posted by JohnWPB View Post
    How are the totals above adding up to 108%?????
    You can vote on multiple items (so you can check all OS version you use).
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    Running an nLite'ed XP on my M10k carpc, building a new Atom based one and will test Win7 on it first. I have Win7 on my workstation and I really like it (but will still continue to run XP on my laptop).

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    I've heard that win7 drastically improved the boot times. Any truthiness to this?

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    I recently switched from a highly optimized XP install (cold boot time was about 12-15 seconds) to a non-optimized Win7 install and my boot times are within a few seconds of each other. I think the longest it took my carpc to boot with the new Win7 setup was about 20 seconds but that was while I was installing software. I've rebooted it quite a few times since then it seems to have gotten faster by itself and leveled off and I've seen an average of 15-20 seconds now. I did disable some of the services which may have helped... but so far it's solid and seems every bit as fast as my XP install was.

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    Quote Originally Posted by steven765 View Post
    I've heard that win7 drastically improved the boot times. Any truthiness to this?
    If you mean in comparison to Vista? Yes. XP, no. It's on par with it. Much like the upgrade from Win2k to XP, added a few seconds maybe for the extra eye-candy and such.

    With the improvements for cacheing and the like if you leave your install alone for more than a few reboots you can probably expect it to be a second or so faster overall from XP even with all the extra overhead.

    Want superfast boot? Good SSD drive for the OS partition(s), just night and day.
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    I know I don't use RR, but i figured I'd chime in on the OS debate. I personally use Windows XP at home, on the Car PC and in my job environment. When Vista came out, I knew it was going to be nightmare, similar to Win ME.

    When Win 7 released its BETA program, it just did not seem to work the way I wanted in the beginning and I quit BETA testing it.

    Now that Win 7 is released, alot of new computers have Win 7 built in. We just had new tenants take over the restaurant and i bought and setup all their office and network equipment. I can say that Win 7 is wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy better then XP. Its much snappier, faster, and I see alot of people migrating to it in the future. I have decided to upgrade my Car PC to Win 7, but my lower units, which are 1.6 single core processors, Ive decided to keep XP, unless testing shows I can use Win 7 reliably, which looks positive. Win 7 is most def the way of the future. XP is now comparable to Windows 98 SE, when set side by side with Win 7.

    PS: Boot time on Win 7, compared to XP is dramatically faster, but this depends on the setup, processor, RAM, etc. On the system I setup, which is 2.0ghz Dual Core, 1gb RAM. Boot time is about 4 seconds from BIOS. To windows its about 2 seconds, so total, 6 seconds.
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