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Thread: Terratec H5 and RR

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    Unhappy Terratec H5 and RR

    I have the USB tv adapter Terratec H5.
    are drivers for riderunner?

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    No such thing as a "DRIVER" for RR -- we can make PLUGINS for features that are not part of RR itself.

    For the H5, the ANALOGUE TV should work as usual with the Winamp TV plugin: How do I setup TV / Camera Support ?

    FOR ANYTHING ELSE: You'd have to embed the application provided by Cinergy using the information on these FAQs:

    For the FM radio, you may TRY the cinergy 600 radio plugin, but I HIGHLY DOUBT that the interface for the old Cinergy 600 is the same as on the H5 device -- meaning it probably will NOT work.
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