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Thread: Winamp not communicating with riderunner?

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    Winamp not communicating with riderunner?

    so i think i broke something, because roadrunner stopped responding with winamp.

    if I load a song in winamp (from windows), when i boot roadrunner it shows up like its supposed to. I can play, pause, when i go to select a song, it doesn't select. when i click back over to winamp, it confirms the fact that that roadrunner isn't commanding winamp to do anything. winamp itself retains its full functionality

    playlists won't load and every playlist just shows up as "2009", and of course double clicking it to load it does nothing.

    winamp is winamp 2.95 and RR is the 10/2009 release.

    what do you guys think?

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    Recheck your settings? And you left out what skin.
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    This is generally a symptom of using winamp LITE (which is NOT supported). I'd try a different winamp version, and recheck your settings.
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    thanks guys, actually i got it kinda working.

    what i determined to be the problem was the fact that in each folder that i had an album i also had an NFO/SFV/M3U file.

    once i took every file out that wasn't an mp3, reinstalled winamp and roadrunner , and it started working again. turns out probably the m3u file in each folder must have confused roadrunner.

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