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    RideRunner Help

    first let me start by saying I have tried using the search function but I am not finding what I need. On some sites the search engine doesn't work correctly when I use them here at work.

    Here is what I am needing help with. I am going to use RideRunner as my front end software if I can get it to work. I want to be able to connect my phone to it. What software do I need to be using? I have a Samsung Instict s30 from sprint.

    If I can't use this phone with any riderunner software, will it work with centrafuse?

    Also, if there a decent free GPS software? I was going to get Iguidance but with all the money I have done spend on everything else I was trying to save a little for now.

    Thanks for any help

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    For phone there is only one active plugin at present and that is .net bluetooth mobilephone, whether it works for that phone I don't know.

    There have been other attempts at phone integration, namely PhoneControl, RRMobile and Freefone, unfortunately these are no longer supported.

    As for free GPS, not really, any GPS that actually works needs to be paid for. Which works best depends on where you are and what frontend you eventually go for.

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