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Thread: HD Radio PCR or HD RadioPC software

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    HD Radio PCR or HD RadioPC software

    hi all, this may be the wrong forum, but i don't know who else to ask for help. I purchased Directed DMHD-1000 for use with my HTPC at home, not for car right now. also ordered cable and wall wart power supply and software from http://www.hd-radiopc_dot_com/

    didn't receive anything from that site, instead had to fight a fraud claim with my bank to get my money back.

    i would like to be able to record the songs for personal use, is there software to do this? or can i only listen to the songs? please point me to the right website. i already spent money on the Directed unit, and also on a rs232 card for my htpc, it didn't come with rs232 ports...feels like wasted money now.

    thanks, ash

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    Sorry to hear about your problem. From what I hear, that site has many complaints against it already.
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    I hate to say it but you should have gotten Mitch's cable first. As far as I know, all the other cables are knock-offs of his.

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    yes, that cable is "stolen" right from me
    really cant talk about recording, since the RIAA doesnt like that
    for sure i have the cable and there is a bunch of software out there (NON carpc)

    there is a thread here HD Radio Cables READY!
    that might be better suited for discussion
    since this is a Not RideRunner releated

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