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Thread: Setlabel = obsolete ?

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    Setlabel = obsolete ?

    Is SETLABEL going to be supported future versions of RR or can we expect to see it drop off at some point.
    I ask because I am developing something that is using the heck out of setlabel. If setvar is going to be the replacement, I need to know.
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    i doubt commands will be removed for compatibility purposes, that would be bad for every skin maker in the community to re-edit their skins... however, guino may add commands, like setvar for example, an additional feature of the program...

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    It will always be there, but we may "improve" it in the future. The recommended way is SETVAR because of many benefits (works on all screens at once, can be read back, etc) -- but we do realize SETLABEL produces faster updates.
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