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Thread: Not able to exit RideRunner...??

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    Not able to exit RideRunner...??

    When I click to exit RideRunner, the program freezes and I have to shut down the TruckPC. Any help??? Im not good with this stuff

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    I never stops to amaze me that users somehow think that we know all of the important important details when a question/issue is asked about.

    Eg RR ver, which skin, esc...

    It might also be helpful to turn on debug (RRConfig>Genreal>Pg 4) and attach it to the post. That will actually give us all the info needed to give suggestons as to how to fix the issue.
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    I have the same issue running on my home pc

    os: win 7 x64
    skin: eLite lite 1.6.6

    What I get is the program freezes, and I have to manually use the task manager to close it.

    I havent looked into it much since I've been busy with other things but I'll try and get a debug log when I get some time
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