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Thread: "Next song" button not working when using Sirius?

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    "Next song" button not working when using Sirius?

    Has anyone else experienced this problem? I just upgraded from 11/09 release to 12/09 release. When I was running the 11/09 release and I was listening to sirius, if clicked the "next song" button it would go to the next station in my presets & play for about 5 seconds & continue scrolling like this through my preset list. If I clicked the button again it would stay on that selected preset. Since switching to 12/09 it no longer does this. The button does nothing. By the way xp sp2 & dfx4 skin.

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    there is no such button "NEXT SONG" to help me see whats what...
    a debug log please...

    there has been no work on sirius in a LONG LONG LONG, time

    I also was unaware there was even a "PRESET SCAN" feature

    "Did you test it in carwings??"

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    Mitch, I'm a MORON!! It is the "play" button that does "preset scanning", and yes, it still does work Thanks for the response.

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