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Thread: screen lock bypass?

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    screen lock bypass?

    hello, its been a while since ive used my rr since ive been deployed. i forget my screen code, and forgot how to bypass it. what is the file i need to get into to reset my code? ive got the old road runner(not sure on version) and downloaded the recent ride runner and after running the recent ride runner the first time then restarting, it goes back to the road runner settings and locks me out. in both files of ride runner and road runner there is no screenlock.ini file, which i was sure was what had the screen lock code in. any hellp would be appreciated. thanks.

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    Assuming you still have access to your files, you should be able to just remove the plugin file (there's a newer one anyway I think -- if you want to re-install it later). Still hard to determine which screen lock plugin you currently have.
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