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Thread: Winamp not working in RR after DigitalFX 4.0

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    Question Winamp not working in RR after DigitalFX 4.0

    I've been using Teknik 3 for the past month or so since switching to Win 7. I installed the DigitalFX 4.0 skin everything worked but I liked Teknik 3 better and switched back. Problem is I can no longer control winamp from RR with Tecknik 3. I try carwings and it is the same. DigitalFX winamp works fine.

    Obviously DigitalFX changed a setting but I cant figure out what. Any help would be appreciated.

    And for the record I tried searching..... ever tried searching "winamp not working" in this forum?

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    Have a look at what is in DigitalFX's skin.ini, that will be what is different to the other skins as settings.

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    Not sure what the problem was but reinstalled RR and winamp and now it works with Teknik 3 so I'm happy for now. (I'm thinking it was a winamp issue or just operator error)

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    I would have guess the latter two as well.
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