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Thread: Riderunner and iGo8

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    Riderunner and iGo8

    Hi all, using iGo8 and riderunner, with iGozoomer to embed, but im having a problem. If I start igo from within riderunner then it wont pick up the GPS, if i start it from within windows it works fine. Has anyone else come across this? Its running on com port 5, could it be that this clashes with something else within riderunner? Thanks in advance. Dave

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    If you have set the GPS port in RRConfig as 5 then it will get the NMEA data and not the GPS application.


    change the GPS port in RRConfig to something other than 5


    Get a Comport splitter (Xport3, GPSGate or comfoolery) and have that set to 5, create two new ports and set RRConfig to one and your GPS app to the other.

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    Great, thank you very much and sorry for making a newbie mistake! I am kinda new to carpc's as im just installing one in my Jaguar XK8, will post some pictures once it is completed!

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