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Thread: RR master volume not working

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    RR master volume not working

    Heya all,

    I search the forum, and dit try all things they sad but noting helps me whit the problem I have.

    I dit new update for RR and after the update I can not control my Volume + and - any more and the % wont go up ore down, when I use my powermate volume gos up but % stays at 0%, mute works, I testet other skins, all the same problem, when I set RR config to wave, all lines ore other then master volume all works fine, only master wont go up.
    I reinstalled drivers, RR and Winamp few times but problem keeps same, I dit new install on other Pc and all works like a charm.
    Before the update everything was working fine, don't know what the problem is, sound card works good, dit no new update to it ore dit not make any changes and powermate makes the Windows Volume slide bar go up and down, and sound works ok then.

    Hope you understand what I am saying (English not main language)

    Thx already

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    how about, OS version...

    better yet, a debug.txt attached of a session

    for sure all lines isnt a good choice, not for modern audio systems

    the update rate of the volume when your power mate, will be late on the rr
    but if rr isnt controlling the volume, then you wont get any upadate

    is where i would put it

    attach a debug.txt, that will answer most of our questions

    "Did you test it in carwings??"

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    Here is my Debug.

    I think I am having same problem as this person
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