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Thread: RR can't fill tablet screen resolution at 1400x1050

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    RR can't fill tablet screen resolution at 1400x1050


    How do I enlarge RR to fill up my screen? I did some search, and none of the solution worked for me. Most findings point to this in the FAQ:

    Adjusting the Skin's Size to your Screen's Size

    This is a very simple adjustment, ant it should fix BOTH issues of when the skin doesn't fit and when the skin is not big enough:

    -Open the GENERAL.INI file under your Skin's Folder
    -Modify the SHOWWIDTH and SHOWHEIGHT settings to reflect your monitor's Width and Height (Resolution).
    -Modify the Day/Night Gamma adjustments as you please (Optional)
    -Save file

    Note: When changing the size of display of a skin, it is possible to see distortion in the images (of you stretch it out of proportion). You should look for a skin that matches your monitor's aspect ratio for best results.

    Note2: On the latest versions of RR, it is also possible to run RR at a different resolution than what you run your desktop applications.. all it takes is adding a line to RR.INI and RR will auto-switch the resolution when running to the specified setting:

    Running windows xp tablet with Feb's Ride Runner.

    Modified the rr.ini general settings. Add the showwidth=1400 and showheight=1050. Didn't change anything. Note that running rrconfig erases both above.

    There's also a parameter resolution, set to 1400x1050x32x60, but that doesn't make a difference.

    I don't if it's going to look good or bad, but it seems I can't even try.

    Did I miss something?


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    Those are not RR.INI settings, they're GENERAL.INI settings -- go into your skin's sub-folder and the file will be in there. When you open the file you should already see those settings in there, you'll only have to adjust the numbers.

    If you don't want to do the above, you can use the resolution line to make RR change the screen resolution to match the skin size say, set it to 800x600 will make RR change the resolution to 800x600 (same as most skins) so the skin will be "full screen" but you won't have as much "space" as in 1400x1050.
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    Thumbs up

    Ah, thanks! How did I miss that?

    Thanks for the ultra fast answer. RideRunner has the best support of all front ends, no question about it. How do you guys do it, I can't understand.


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