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Thread: riderunner and mobilephone

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    Hello Guino,

    That's the point... my phone doesn't even do the basic things like calling/answer calls etc...
    I have it connected constantly (like a headset) now with Bluesoleil but when searching for services it only finds 1 and that's all.

    I tried with another phone, a Samsung SGH-D600, and immediately Bluesoleil finds no more than 6 services by itself and with 1 click I can import the contactlist, get a FTP directory listing, can use BT virtual serial ports, calling and anwering numbers etc...

    So, it's definately my phone which isn't quite compatible.

    Already searching for a Palm Treo 850 (Pro)... hopefully that one supports more BT services!

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    my phone works great with bluesoleil and with centrafuse, i just cant get it to connect to mobilephone. so its not a phone issue

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    Got a Palm Treo 850 (Pro) now and, despite it has exactly 1 service (PAN service) more than my Treo 650 (= 2), the phone connects fine with bluesoleil, cphonetool, freefone and I can make and answer calls. Seems overall connection has nothing to do with BT services but more with generic BT (connection) issues with that particular phone itself.

    Can't seem to import my contacs for editing though because of that little PIM patch for WM6 devices on the Bluesoleil website that just won't install but I've read that to be a common problem and Bluesoleil doesn't seem to do anything about it at all.

    Now trying to get the Phoco skin layout made in Flash.

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    I know it's going against the whole RTFM thing... but I've seen it a few times, and it's the one of the first steps of installation that people tend to overlook.... in the mobilephone.INI you need to put the MAC address of your phone.
    Do you have the correct version of .NET installed?

    Other than that read away.
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    possible carpc install

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