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Thread: Name of internet radio in winamp

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    Name of internet radio in winamp

    I'd like to have the name of internet radios in winamp but I don't find any thread about that.I use elite lite skin.Maybe there is an other solution to have the name.
    I hope you could help me.

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    "Internet Radio" search:

    Internet Radio refreshing TRACKNAME
    RRShoutCast- Shoutcast Plugin
    SHOUTcast plugin
    Internet Radio Question
    RR 03-01-09 ... Couple more things..
    INTERNET / FM Radio

    O.K. I'm going to try to say this nice and be encouraging. I know the vBulletin search function leaves a lot to be desired, but if you did the above search you would have gotten 20 pages of threads, if you just searched in the titles you would have gotten 5 pages of threads, if you would have searched in just the road runner subforum you would have gotten 3 pages of threads..

    Keep in mind many of us have been doing this a long time. Very little is new anymore. I personally have been listening to Internet Radio thru Road Runner for over 5 years. If you search, make sure you search all the way back, and make sure you read all the posts of the threads before announcing you couldn't find any.

    Now to encourage you I have listed what I think are the most relevant threads for you to read. Please read all of them all the way thru and if you have any other questions feel free to PM me.

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    Thanks GizmoQ!
    I used the research function but maybe no good.
    I'm going to read all this thread and if I've some questions then I'll contact you! ;-)

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