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Thread: RR button to connect to specific network>?

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    RR button to connect to specific network>?

    I am using my android phone for wifi tether. Unfortunately windows xp considers "Ad-Hoc" networks to be on demand, and will not automatically connect. I have to go into "view available networks" and manually connect to my tether/adhoc. Any way to make a button within RR that could connect this particular connection?

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    Are you using Vista/7 or XP ? on Vista/7 you can do something like "RUN;netsh|wlan connect=SSID" on XP you may have to find an application or perhaps make a netsh script (don't know if it would work). I'm pretty sure you can set XP to automatically connect to ad-hoc networks as well. An alternative to dealing with this would be to make the connection through Bluetooth/DUN then use rasdial.exe to connect/disconnect it.
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    I am using XP Pro. If it can auto connect and search for the SSID in intervals like normal networks, it has evaded me. I prefer the wifi tether to the BT or USB tether due to convenience. I used to use a DUN I used send key script for but no longer can do a DUN with my Droid. I'll look into NETSH/

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