Greetings everyone

I am writing to you from Turkey.
After long research I decided to do carpputer. Turkey is very difficult to find materials. For my part, but now I've provided a way. I have attached some point in the program. I think for Carputer Roadrunner program. Roadrunner is very functional, especially as a visual liked. I'm having problems, but at some point. switch between the TV and radio, especially in winamp playlists totomatik not upload. When I eat tv tv channels that automatically loads when you press, but my radio play list is empty exit. Roadrunner program here, as I said, very hard to find compatible hardware. AVerMedia TV card I currently use the 303 model. In short, I mean, I'm listening Roadrunner program, playlists and radio buttons in our press How can an automatic load. skin and skin editor tool tools I've looked pretty but did not go through.

told how to do that here, in Russian. I had delusions of doing with files with extensions of BAT. How to write into them, but I do not know which file.

I would be glad to help you too. good day.