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Thread: minicam container for embedding

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    Quote Originally Posted by volvoman1 View Post
    can you post your skin file and any other instructions you used to get it to work?
    its actually the exectbl.ini entry.. thats all i used.

    I opened up minicam standalone and configured it (right clicked it set the device and enabled GPS). then i went into my skins exectbl.ini file and entered this

    thats it.. completely replaced RRCAM which had been giving me issues the day before. There's nothign special about the file either its just a skin with an (A) tag on it. Senior Tech Blogger (Want a product reviewed? Contact me.)
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    Where did you paste that code in the exectbl.ini file? does it matter what category it is under? Did you do anything with the minicam software (link to the directory, etc)?

    also your file, what do you mean by (A) tag?

    thanks in advance

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    You can have the code anywhere in exectbl.ini.
    The "A" definition is where in the skin to display the embedded Application.
    A,0,0,800,400 will display the app top left 800 wide and 400 tall.

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    Thanks for the explanation. Let me add some addition info as I am still having problems.

    This is in my execTBL.ini file

    "Dashcommand","LOAD;;Dashcommand;c:\Program Files\Dashcommand\Dashcommand.exe;Dashcommand"
    I copied the contents of my as my I did the same for dash command and it worked so I thats that.

    Dash Command succesfully embeds but Minicam still won't. When I press and hold a button in the RR app, I see dash command as an option. I don't see minicam. Am I missing something here or am i completely off...

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    That's an interesting thread.

    What if I have an EXE application (just like RRCam). It should run in background until [1] Some event happens [2] User wishes to access it.

    Can application generate event using SendMessage or by whatever means and send to RR to execute some command - I actually need to suspend the video/audio playback and bring up the plugin interface?
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    plugin? if your making a plugin you dont want to use sendMessage
    just make an extension pluing, example of them is included with installer

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    It's been almost a year since the discussion on using multiple cameras at the same time and I didn't see a conclusion on which cameras to use.

    So would any of you who run with multiple cameras please post the following:

    1. type(s) of cameras used, manufacturer, and most important, source for purchase

    2. Impact on CPU of having multiple cameras running.

    On my current system with only 1 camera running, I automatically "pause" the preview when camera skin is not in focus and CPU drops from 65% to 10% on a 1.8 GHz machine. I admit that I preview at 30 FPS but this is the rear-view camera on a 42' RV so I can see what is coming up behind me and I need that at full speed.

    However, if I run multiples, the rear would be as it is and the others would be "on-demand".


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    1. Microsoft HD-5000 (Front) and Microsoft Lifecam Cinema (Rear)
    2. I am using a laptop CR720 from MSI. The reason why I use a 17" laptop is just because of the thermal issue. The CPU utilization is about 50% when recording from both webcams.

    You can refer to the following links for the video quality. Both videos are recorded 1280x720 @30FPS



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    Just working on a skin for this application and need some advice, everything is working fine but when I press a command button to say start recording it puts the live video window in the background and the only way to bring it to the front again is select it from the taskbar, anyone got any idea's on how to fix this? (I have "always on top" selected in the minicam configuration settings.

    This is the command I use to start minicam ("minicam","RUN;$rrpath$Plugins\MiniCam\xobd.exe|| load;||RUN;$rrpath$Plugins\MiniCam\min icam.exe;CuriousTech - MiniCam 1")

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