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Thread: Insane DPC's With RR! Issue Resolved/Sort Of

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    Insane DPC's With RR! Issue Resolved/Sort Of

    I have a fresh install of the May release and have an interesting problem. If I leave the front page of Carwings (ie: go into the music screen), my DPC latency jumps as high as 5000, killing my audio. I've traced it to my video drivers, but does anyone have any idea what's happening in the music screen to do this? I've tried disabling the album art, to no effect. I have no visuals happening either. Any help would be appreciated. As a warning, unless a solution is found to this problem, I would advise against the 5400 series ATI cards. I will try another video card to see if this issue disappears.

    05/14/10 - A alightly older video card (ATI 4350HD) has no issues at all with the secondary screens. Lesson learned. Beware of newer video cards with immature drivers.

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