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Thread: Not sure how to do this...

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    Not sure how to do this...

    I plan on getting a new car soon, and I will most likely be running the computer sound into the aux of the stock head unit. GPS would be ran on the computer. I recently realized that if I was listening to the radio or xm (on the stock unit) then I would not be able to utilize the riderunner function which lowers the radio volume and lets the gps voice come out over the speakers when a turn is approacing or something.

    A solution that I am thinking of, is to have a part of the screen flash red or something when a turn is approaching. A sort of visual reminder that lets me look at the screen quickly and see what the action is. I know that riderunner can pop back to the gps screen when a turn is a approaching, so I feel it is feasable for this to happen. I am jsut not sure if/how I can do it.

    Another solution would be mechanical, with maybe a dedicated computer speaker or something, or hacking the head unit. This seems too complicated though.

    I'm open to any ideas, or working solutions. Thanks

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    A couple of options:

    1. Get an HD radio and XM package for the PC and throw the headunit away.

    2. It might be possible to hack the aux input button on your HU, if it has one, so the PC auto switches to the PC sound for the GPS instructions.

    3. Does the car use an amplifier or is it all done in the HU? If it uses an amp, Mitchjs makes a USB audio switcher that I think can be controlled by Ride Runner. You'd need to figure out the output lines of the car's HU to the amp and tap/connect them to the switcher, then connect the switcher to the amp.
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