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Thread: asio4all + vac on windows 7 no stereo

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    asio4all + vac on windows 7 no stereo

    asio4all + vac on windows 7 no stereo
    HI, i have a D2x card with i3 core 530 on intel DH57JG mobo.


    i am using winamp (riderunner) with KS output going to VAC,

    then to CONSOLE vst host, with ASIO4ALL connecting vac and asio.

    but the output is a DUAL MONO, no stereo just one of the channels duplicated.

    no balance control over winamp or in windows sound options.

    in winamp there is no change during balance change, in windows one of the channels just controls the volume the other does nothing.

    please help!

    tried with centrafuse and winamp without any plugin, just by making VAC defaoult in windows but same.

    without ASIO4ALL VAC and VST host every thing is fine. but digital control over CROSSOVER

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    I have no experience with any of the asio stuff, but I have seen a working asio + foobar2000 + win7(not sure of vers) + RR setup. The user was Skypainter, not on here too often but maybe try a PM to him and see if he could offer any help with your setup.
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    i have a working winamp/audiomulch setup

    will post in your other thread..

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