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Thread: Android and RR

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    Wow thanks for that info, that sounds like a good project to do after I finish my Arduino security bot project.

    I just had a thought that Arduino could be used in the carpc environment as well.
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    I use the existing macro's I have setup for my remote wonder remote with the android eventghost, the network event for volume up or the RF remote event for volume up will trigger a volume increase via the same macro. I use it with RR just emulating the keys for commands--but it can directly control software like winamp/media player/etc.... Push channel up on the remote or droid and it does an "RRNEXT". Some of the remote numbers load playlists, and some of them are programmed to load EQ presets, the 'hand' button the remote turns on/off voice commands. If you can create a nice small screen web site, it's just a matter of creating hyperlinks for an interface. So far it's been flawless...
    Here is the plugin list:
    example of some rr stuff:
    CarPC in my 82 Camaro. Dual core atom, M4-ATX, 7 lilliput, bu353 GPS, Reborn skin, punch 40/100ix
    MediaLaunch for RR
    Online Check for RR
    Locker for RR

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