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Thread: Weird audio issue involving Mobilephone.Net

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    Weird audio issue involving Mobilephone.Net

    I wasnít exactly sure where to post this as itís an audio issue, but may or may not be related to RR/Mobilephone.Net

    My setup:
    Andrea Superbeam bundle with USB-SA adapter into my MOBO (MSI K9N6GM) with onboard Realtek ALC888. Iím using the USB-SA as the default playback device directly to a JL Audio CL-RLC(volume control), then to my amps. I have an XM Direct & a Visteon HDZ300 going through a UAS into the line in on the MOBO utilizing the WinAmp line-in plugin. This setup allows echo cancellation for hands-free use, and still allows the XM & Radio tuners to function properly.
    XPSP3 Running 10-4 RideRunner, Winamp 5.58, DFX 5.0.3

    The problem:
    After ending a phone call (Mobilephone.NET plugin), my audio sounds really distorted/muffled. I think the Andrea software may be trying to do noise cancellation on the output, but I canít confirm this. Any ideas on what the problem may be?

    A possible work-around Iím considering is going straight from the UAS and using a splitter to combine the XM & radio with the output from the USB-SA where it goes into the CL-RLC. Will this cause any issues with Ďbackfeedingí signals from the tuners into the USB-SA & vice versa? Any other issues Iím not thinking about?

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    Well, after thinking about my workaround some more I realized that I won't be able to mute radio using my steering wheel controls, so that's out. What could possibly be causing the problem?

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