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Thread: How to display embedded in the main interface program running?

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    How to display embedded in the main interface program running?

    RR skin, I would like to embed an application and set the two buttons on the skin, by sending a shortcut way to control this process the command, the two key features are: running programs, stop running the program.
    Code is:
    B06, 485,253,130,124, "LOAD; rrshengk.SKIN; yykzzj; D: \ Program Files \ shengkong \ yykzzj.exe;! Afx: 10000000: b: 10003:1900015:0;" - open the skin interface
    B01, 329,397,139,83, "ACTIVATE;! Afx: 10000000: b: 10003:1900015:0 | | SENDKEY; {f5 }"----- start the application
    B02, 477,397,104,83, "ACTIVATE;! Afx: 10000000: b: 10003:1900015:0 | | SENDKEY; {f8 }",----- stops running programs
    I think the main interface, the instructions to set up a label that states, when the program runs the way the display color images, said the display when the program stops the way in the gray image. I do not know what to do can be achieved.
    I have not studied the editing process knowledge (just got to know the name of a language is VB), please help me, thank you!

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    International friends please help me, thanks again!

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    1-Please make sure there are no EXTRA spaces on the commands:

    B06, 485,253,130,124, "LOAD;rrshengk.SKIN;yykzzj;D:\Program Files\shengkong\yykzzj.exe;!Afx:10000000:b:10003:1900015:0"
    B01, 329,397,139,83, "ACTIVATE;!Afx:10000000:b:10003:1900015:0||SENDKEY;{F5}"
    B02, 477,397,104,83, "ACTIVATE;!Afx:10000000:b:10003:1900015:0||SENDKEY;{F8}"
    2-Check if the "Afx:10000000:b:10003:1900015:0" numbers are changing or not -- if they are changing every time you run the application, you should only copy the portion that does NOT change. For instance if on first run it shows Afx:10000000:b:10003:1900015:0 then you close it and re-run and it shows Afx:10000000:b:10003:9872423:0 then you should only use !Afx:10000000:b:10003: for the window title -- this will ensure the application is always found.

    3-You can try this command (sometimes the application takes a moment before responding to key commands):

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    Very honored to receive the teachings of GUINO! At the forum, read many of your wonderful articles and speeches, learned a lot, thanks again!
    I wrote the code in the above are not the problem, the program already embedded into the window and through the normal RR control buttons.
    I would like to ask is how will the state of the program (run, stop) is displayed in the main interface (which may relate to variable problem), as DFX5 as the main interface.

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