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Thread: XM, RR, Vista

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    XM, RR, Vista

    I'm getting too old for this.

    I have a Fujitsu P16010 Lifebook running Vista Home Premium and RR 11/1/2010.

    My XM radio is one of the older aftermarket "black boxes"(literally) that has serial out and stereo out.

    I believe it was called XM Direct.

    So far I have the serial stuff to work and can see the list of channels on my XM skin.

    I also see the XM chit-chat in debug.txt.

    However, I simply can't get the audio to work.

    In Control Panel->Sound->Recording I see both the internal mic (on the side of the display) and the external mic/linein. The audio driver is by SigmaTel.

    I have an audio cable running from the XMD to the mic/linein jack on the side of the P1610.

    I want to use Winamp and I have the XM section of RR.ini setup to do that, I think.

    I have tried to different Winamp Linein Plugins with no luck.

    The Vista Mixer support baffles me and I'm not even sure it applies to my problem.

    Does anyone have a current, straight forward outline of how to set this up?

    Three years ago when I did this on XP, it was so easy and the current FAQ on this is quite old.


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    all u do is need to config the winamp line in correctly
    forget about rr for a little
    and get it working with winamp!!!
    use XMID from my site to control the radio
    and winamp, with the CORRECT line in plugin(jaspers)
    and get it working

    "Did you test it in carwings??"

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    Thanks for the response. I truly like to test things in the simplest environment I can.

    However, I looked all over your site but I can't find anything named XMID. Of course, at my age that could just be a senior moment.

    Does it exist under another name or could you send it to me directly?

    FOUND IT! Now off to do some testing. Thanks!


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